Camera does not work in Windows 10

Sometimes we can present problems with our camera connected to our computer. In case of our camera is not working properly, it might be caused by the drivers or the anti-virus that is blocking this device.

In this guide, you can see how to solve any problem that your camera may suffers. It has some simple instructions that anybody can follow without having some difficulty understanding it.

Check the following information about all problems that may be present in your camera and that need to be solved.

Check your camera permissions

In case you have updated Windows 10, the problem may be generated because your camera does not have the proper permissions to work on your system.

To make sure that your problem is not related to this, you need to check the privacy settings of your camera. You can check this selecting the Start menu and then selecting Settings. You will see an option called Privacy, select it and then press Camera option.

Check your antivirus

You need to check the settings of your antivirus that might be blocking access of the apps to your camera. This is a common problem that has users on their devices.

Update your camera drivers

Sometimes problems in a webcam could be caused because the drivers are outdated and need to be updated to more recent ones. You can check for new updates accessing to Device Manager by the Start menu.

On the device manager menu, you just need to find the camera option that is under Imaging Device icon. You need to press right-click on it and then access to properties.

Other solutions

If you tried all the possible solutions described above and still having problems with your camera, then you need to try with others. One of them is uninstalling your webcam and scan for hardware changes on the Device Manager. Another option that can solve this problem is rolling back your drivers on the Device Manager.

If you are still having problems with your camera, we recommend you visit Microsoft Community Forum and expose your issue.

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