Complete guide to Narrator

Narrator offers a screen-reading service to any Windows 10 customers. This app is in this OS, so you can use it immediately with no requirements or the need for pay for it.

Here you will find a very useful information about how to start to use Narrator app and how to use it. Keep reading all this information if you want to know all about this incredible app.

News with Narrator app for Windows 10

Narrator home

To configure or do anything with this app, you have to go to Narrator Home. This program will guide you to modify its settings or to learn how to use it with its Quickstart tutorial.

Read sentences

You can use a narrator to read any text that you want to hear instead of reading it. To use this function, you only have to use some commands. These commands are the following:

  • Turn next sentence: Narrator + Right
  • Turn previous sentence: Narrator + Left
  • Go to upper sentence: Narrator + Page up.
  • Go to lower sentence: Narrator + Page down.

Other new functions

There are so many things you can do with Narrator app. From the use scan mode until change view command. See all these functions next:

  • Scan mode: you can use scan mode in any browser like Google Chrome or Mozzila Firefox.
  • Standard Keyboard layout: there are so different changes in theNarrator keyboard layout. You can change this standard mode accessing to Settings > Ease of Access > Narrator
  • Change view command: to use this tool, you have to press Narrator + Page up or Page down which be the case.

Windows Narrator guide

You can access to Windows complete guide by this app if you want to get more information and learn how to use this tool easily. Remember that all tutorials are very easy to follow.

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