Download voices for Immersive Reader, Read Mode and Read Aloud

The text-to-speech system is very useful for many Microsoft customers. Learning Tool is available on OneNote, Microsoft Word and Microsoft Edge browser. Therefore, it can be considered as one of the most important tools for different types of jobs.

Here you will find helpful information about download different languages on your text-to-text feature. Also, this guide can be used in many Windows version which results in a very complete guide.

Install new text-to-text language in Windows 10

Follow next steps to install a new language on your text-to-text system.

Go to Time & Language

First of all, you have to select Start button and then select Settings. On the new tab that will appear, you have to select Time & Language option.This will make appear a new tab that includes many options to configure or add new tools to your system.

Using Region & Language tool

When you are in Regional & Language tool, you have to select Add a Language. When you do that, it will appear a new section where you can search for any language that you want to add.

On the searching tab, you only have to type the language that you want to download and install. Choose it and it will begin to install.

Download language pack

When the download of the new language has finished, then you have to select Region & Language and click or tap on “Options”.

You will see a complete list of your languages installed and all package for download. You only need to select any package that you need under the language options (keyboard, Language pack or Handwriting).

Modify speech options

To start to use your new language you need to go to the Speech option on the Time & Language section.

If you only want to change your speech language, then search the Speech Language bar and select the language on the dropdown list.

Install new text-to-text language in Windows 8.1

Go to Add Language

You need to open Control Panel. After that, you only have to click on Language, and then click Add a Language.

Download and Install Language

It will appear a new list with all the languages available. Select the language that you want to add, and then click on the “Add” button.

Finally, you only have to click Download and install the language pack.

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