Google Policies: Privacy and terms

Google’s Privacy and Terms describe the privacy policy about the data collected, its usage and reviewing and updating the data. The Terms describe the Terms of Service or the rules you agree with Google to use their services.

The Google Safety Center has built-in security features, tools, privacy controls to set rules for online browsing. The Google Account controls and protects your account information that safeguards your private data.

The Privacy and Security Principles guide Google to collect private data to enhance products, processes, and services of Google. These data are kept private, safe and secure by Google.

Google’s Product Privacy guide helps you to find information about to manage privacy features in products of Google.

  1. Privacy Policy

    Google has several apps, devices, sites, platforms and products that help interaction among millions of people daily. To use these services, you need to sign in by sharing your private data like email, photos or some other data. You can use some of Google’s services without signing in as well. You can manage to control and protect your private data by adjusting the privacy settings.

    Google has added many examples, videos to explain and defined key terms to make the data collection as a transparent process.
    These data collected are used to provide better services. The Privacy policy describes in detail about types of information being collected, usage of collected information, what data is being collected during different user activities.

    It also specifies how protects Google, its users, and the public data. The policy also clearly specifies the reasons for collecting data, its legality and how its built-in security features protect these data.
  2. Terms Of Service

    Google’s Terms of Service specifies the terms you need to agree with Google to use its product and services. You need to read the term Policies to use Google’s diverse Services. You might have to agree to additional terms to use these services.

    It also specifies permissions to use the products and services, ownership on intellectual property. It also specifies policies on copyrights, its infringement and remediation actions against copyright violations. It also specifies modifying and terminating services, warranties, and disclaimers on its product and services.

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