How Bing delivers search results

The primary objective of Bing is to provide users with relevant search results from the web and provide access to these contents. Bing has an automated program that crawls the web to create an index of web pages which will be used by Bing to search the index and display results when the user requests. Bing strives to provide comprehensive, relevant and useful search results by continuously improving the search algorithm.
As the search results are from an automatic service, Bing has no control on the indexed website and its contents. Bing will be able to search and display results to user requests using index the webpages as long as web pages are available online. When you find any content removed from the website and Bing shows up in the search result, you can use the Content Removal Tool from Bing to make a request to remove the web page.
As Microsoft upholds freedom of expression, request to remove the web page from individuals, government, Bing limits deleting search results to narrow set. Bing removes the requested content in a transparent manner.

The following section provides details about removing search results by Bing as part of Microsoft Content Remove Requests.

  1. Legal Requests.
    Due to laws and regulations in a specific region, certain pages need to be removed. The laws allow demanding to delete web pages that violate copyright, cause defamation, spread hatred, affect personal rights. When a removal request is received by Microsoft, a balance is maintained between freedom of speech and compliance of the law. The request is reviewed and assessed for the reason, basis of request and authority of demand.
  2. Quality and Safety requests.
    Bing might remove contents that affect quality, the safety of users or warn users of issues related to the content. Content could be related to spam, prohibited contents, adult content, illegal pharmaceuticals. unsafe drugs, counterfeit products.
    Bing provides provision to configure settings for safety in SafeSearch and filter adult content. Bing makes every effort to avoid content that is offensive or harmful. You can set the mode to Moderate in SafeSearch which restricts visually explicit search results.

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