How to change privacy settings on Windows 10

Windows 10 collects much private information from users when they use Windows 10. You can turn off a few settings to restrict collecting data from users.

Click the Start button at lower left corner option in Windows 10 and open Settings app that has a gear icon. Under Settings, select Privacy to open the Privacy options window.
There are different options you can set to change privacy settings to protect your private data.

  1. Disable Ad Tracking

    When you browse the web, your private data consisting of your interest gets collected. This can be used by a variety of ads to target you. You can turn off this tracking by disabling the Ad Tracking ID under Privacy Windows, General Tab, by selecting the toggle button to off.
  2. Disable Timeline

    The Timeline feature lets you review and resume activities on Windows 10, open files, switch between desktops. The Timeline collects your activities data to function in the above-mentioned tasks.

    You can disable the Timeline if do not want Windows 10 to collect your activities data by unchecking the box next to Store My Activity History under Privacy > Activity History settings.
  3. Disable Cortana

    Though Cortana is very useful for many of your activities in Windows 10, it is not mandatory to use. Cortana collects information like location, workplace, timings, commute routes, and shares these private data back to Microsoft in background.

    You can disable Cortana by selecting Cortana from Windows 10 Settings. Under Permissions and History tab on left, disable Cloud Search. You can view and disable irrelevant options to you under Manage Information it can access.

    Under Cortana access my devices tab, disable Get Phone Notifications. You cannot disable the Cortana app, but you can tune down these options that collect private data.
  4. Limit The Diagnostic Data Collection

    Microsoft collects feedback and diagnostic data from to keep Windows up to date. Though you cannot turn off this option completely, you can limit the diagnostic data being collected.

    Under the Diagnostic and feedback option on the left tab, select Basic settings to limit the data being collected for diagnostic and feedback. There are few third-party applications which can help you to monitor, diagnose and control the private data being collected in the background.

    You can install them to limit these private data collections.

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