Microsoft Azure DevOps

DevOps is a concept that refers to software development and IT operations that enables automation and speed delivery of software. It makes your product reliable, value to your customer in the form of innovative products and enhancements.

Microsoft Azure DevOps helps to unify people, process, technology in core practices of IT, planning and tracking, develop, build and test, delivery and monitoring and operations. Implementing DevOps enables the team to work closely by breaking age-old and inefficient practices. It reduces the time for making changes and moving the changes to production. It also ensures that security and reliability standards are followed. This yields in delivering better, cheaper faster deliverable for customers.

Practicing Azure DevOps

To practice Azure DevOps, you need to follow 5 phases as described below for delivery pipeline to market your product quickly.

  1. Plan And Track. Under the plan and track phase, you need to identify and track work visually using a proven process like agile and Kanban. When you track your work with visual boards, it gives clear insight for stakeholders about the team’s development, progress and capacity. It also helps to plan, priorities tasks and prevent delivery issues and escalations.
  2. Develop. Under this phase, the team develops code using modern version control systems for continuous integration and safe development. The changes are controlled using request, approval and merge operations.
  3. Build And Test. Build and Test is managed by an automated build process in a version control system. The developed code is tested for bug-free delivery through the automated build and continuous integration. This yields a build that is production-ready and to deploy in production in time.
  4. Deploy. The tested code is deployed to the production using integrated delivery practices. The final deployment to production can be manually controlled process. Automatic deployment helps your customer to get new features delivered quickly.
  5. Monitor And Operate. Changes in production are monitored about performance and its usage. You can get immediate diagnostic data on the software’s performance, take actions to fix issues, and gather data to make business decisions for future development. This also helps to ensure best practices, security policies and configure production as required. These phases of Azure DevOps helps you automate and delivery bug-free deliverables quickly

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