Microsoft Contact Page

Microsoft offers a customized option to get support from its own assistants. This service is offered on any of Microsoft products and services, so you will have a complete support on any option that you purchased.

Here you will find more information about Microsoft Contact page and how to use it, so if you present any problem with your products, then you may read all this guide to solve it easily.

What is the Microsoft Contact Page?

This is a site offered by Microsoft where you can contact a personal assistant to get help on solving any problem that you may have with your Microsoft product or service.

Also, this site offers help for special services or for people with disabilities, so you may consider it as complete support to any customer. It doesn’t matter if you are a business, IT, developer or regular customer.

How does Microsoft Support work?

When you ask for help on this site, first you will be attended by a virtual assistant. If your problem doesn’t solve following its instructions, then you can ask for help to a person. In this case, you have to select the product or service with you are presenting problems.

Remember that you need to choose other options if you are developer, IT, Business or a person with any disability, or if you have a problem with Microsoft Store. These options will be above of the page and are structured on three different types of support:

  • Business, IT & Developers.
  • Microsoft Store.
  • Disability person.

What else can I do on Microsoft Support site?

This site is Microsoft’s main site, so you will have access to many other options about this enterprise and its products. On the upper side of this web, you will find many tabs that you can click on then to know more about this determinate product.

On the lower side of Microsoft site, you will find other sections that you can also click on them to get more information about Microsoft products and services.

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