Microsoft customer data definitions

Microsoft collects private data from its users for improving the product and services.

These collected data classified into different categories based on the content of the data. The following section defines and describes the various categories of data.

  1. Administrator data

    Administrator data is the details about administrators of Microsoft services who have provided their private data like name, contact number, email address. These data are collected during a signup, purchase or administrator services.

    It includes aggregated data about usage, controls you select. The administrator data is also used to provide services, do transactions, account services and to detect and prevent fraud.
  2. Customer data

    Customer data is all customer data provided about you when you use Microsoft’s online services, except Microsoft Professional services. It includes text, video, audio, images you provide to Microsoft.

    It also includes data that you upload for storing or processing, applications you upload for distributing through Microsoft cloud services.
  3. Customer content

    The customer content includes data such as online email, attachments, Power BI reports, site content of Sharepoint Online and IM conversations. This data is a subset of customer data.
  4. Object metadata

    The object metadata is the data you provide to identify or configure online services such as software, systems. It does not include the content of any user identities.

    It is advised to customers not to include personal data in object metadata as object metadata is shared across the global Microsoft systems.
  5. Payment data

    The payment data is the data you provide when you purchase products or services from Microsoft. It includes credit card number, security code, name and billing address, and any other financial data.
  6. Personal data

    Personal data is any data you provide to Microsoft that is related to identifying a person. Data such as names, contact information are personal data. It also includes user id assigned by Microsoft services to identify an individual who accesses Microsoft services.
  7. Support and consulting data

    The support and consulting data include all data provided to Microsoft by the customer or on their behalf to obtain Professional services support. It includes data collected over phone, chat, email or web form that describes the problem, files to resolves support issues, automated troubleshooters.

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