Microsoft Edge Tips

Microsoft Edge might be difficult to use or understand by some users. It has many menus and tools that need to be understood if we want to have an excellent experience with this browser.

If you are not very skilled with Microsoft Edge, then you will have a page or a guide that shows you how to use this software with no problem. This tool is called Microsoft Edge Tips.

We will describe you how is designed Microsoft Edge Tips and what can you find on this site. Therefore, if you want to be an expert with this browser, then keep reading all this information.

How works Microsoft Edge Tips?

Microsoft Edge Tips has a structure like a course, therefore you will have a user or an account that has a counting level which increases every time that you see tips about Microsoft Edge.

This site also partitioned on four different tabs depending on information and its uses. For example, if you want to know how to organize your browser and have a comfortable experience, then you should do Stay productive tips.

Those are the 4 tabs or sections that have Microsoft Edge Tips:

  • New Features: this shows guides or tips about how to use new features or tools that be included on new updates of this browser. If you’re not familiar with software or technology, we recommend you visit this tab regularly.
  • Stay productive: if you don’t want to waste your time using Edge unnecessary, then you should visit this section to see how to be more effective and “get more done in less time”.
  • Stay organized: use this section if you want to find what you need, when you need it. It offers many tips to organize your browser easily.
  • Stay safe: last but not least important, you will have a section to know how to stay safe and how to avoid pesky pop-ups and scams.

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