Microsoft License Terms

When we want to acquire or subscribe to any service of Microsoft, we have to accept license terms that the company demands us to approve if we want to use its products or services.

We will provide you the most important information about all the terms that need to be approved to use Microsoft products. It’s important to know all this info to protect your integrity and your safety.

What means to accept terms by Microsoft?

If you agree and accept all the terms that Microsoft demands to use its products, then this enterprise will be allowed to the transmission of your information during the installation of any software or during the use of them by you.

Also, accepting those terms, Microsoft may collect and use your personal data for various purposes like enriching and personalizing their software and products; and provide advertising and offers depending of your personal features.

What happens if I disagree with any of Microsoft Terms?

Microsoft is explicit on pointing that if you disagree with any of its terms, then you will no be allowed to use its services or products. You must agree and accept all stipulations to become a Microsoft customer.

In some instances, it’s not necesary to agree to some of Microsoft License Terms to use a product or a service. It depends on what kind of Microsoft product you will buy or subscribe.

What will I find on the Micosoft License Terms?

You will find described information about all consumer rights; personal data privacy and uses, warranties; products and services restrictions; supports; and much more. Microsoft Licese Terms is an instrument that summarizes all conditions that need to be accepted to acquire any Microsoft product or service.

Microsoft License Terms normally changes through the years. The last one was updated on June 2018. If it has any changes, Microsoft will notify you about all of them.

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