Microsoft Solitaire Premium

Microsoft offers many free games to its customers. thus if you want to enjoy any of these options, then you may visit Microsoft Casual Games site. On this site, you will check any game that you can download for free.

Microsoft Solitaire game is a casual game who has been included in many versions of Windows. This is an emblematic game that many people know and it never will be forgotten or discontinued by Microsoft.

Here you will know more about Microsoft Solitaire and many other casual games that you can find on this site. Enjoy any free options that Microsoft gives you the opportunity to download them.

What is Microsoft Solitaire?

Microsoft Solitaire is a virtual version of this famous card game. Microsoft presents it as the most played videogame for PC, which would not be false if we point that it’s a game that has more than 20 years since it was released and has many versions.

Recently, Microsoft released a new version of its solitaire game to commemorate the releasing of Windows 10. It is a free version and can be downloaded directly from Microsoft Casual Games site.

Requirements to play Microsoft Solitaire

This game has some requirements that your devices need to approve to play it. These are the following:

  • Have Windows 8 or above.
  • Have x86, x64, ARM or ARM64 architecture.

What is Microsoft Solitaire Premium?

Even when Microsoft Solitaire can be played for free, this game has some in-app purchases. thus if you want to play this game with the best experience, is preferred to buy its full version.

What news features does this version of Microsoft Solitaire offer?

This version has a better design and solve some bugs of the past one. Also, you will find many modes to entertain yourself with this game. Among them, you will find the following:

  • Klondike.
  • Spider.
  • FreeCell.
  • TriPeaks.
  • Pyramid.
  • Daily Challenge.
  • Star Club.
  • Choose Your Theme.

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