Microsoft Store Cart

Microsoft has its store where you can buy or purchase any of its products and services. When you clicked to buy option in any product available on Microsoft Store, it will be placed in your Store Cart.

Microsoft Store Cart is only a site or a place where you can find all the items that you want to buy from Microsoft Store. You can modify this cart adding or removing any product that you want or don’t want anymore.

What is Microsoft Store Cart?

Microsoft Store Cart is just a virtual shopping cart where you can place any item that you want to buy from Microsoft Store. It is very usefu because it lets you change any order on your purchase.

When you purchase one or more items, all the cart will have an order number. The order number is very important in case you have any problem with your purchase, so we recommend you to annotate it even if you know that you will not have to use it.

Microsoft offers a support team that you can contact with its phone number. You can dial this number directly from Microsoft Store Cart in case you don’t want to waste time.

How do I use Microsoft Store Cart?

Microsoft Store Cart truly is a complement to the Microsoft Store. To use Store Cart, you only have to do any buy on this store, and then select on the shopping cart icon on the upper right side of the site.

When you select the shopping cart icon, then it will load a new page where you can see your Microsoft Store Cart. In this section, you will see all the items that you clicked to buy. If you want to modify any of them, you can do it on this site selecting the remove button on a side of the product.

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