Microsoft Terms of Uses

As any product or service, Microsoft has its own terms that must be followed to use any of its products. In case that you decide to disobey any of these legal terms, you can be sued or suspended from any Microsoft service.

It’s important to know all these statements before starting to use Microsoft products. This will help you to avoid any trouble with this company and you will be safe at any moment.

We will summarize all Microsoft Terms of Use, therefore you can read all this information if you want to know the main points of these terms that you must follow and agree. Keep reading this article to be informed of this important topic.

Acceptance of Terms

Microsoft has a list of terms who restrict your use of its services. You need to follow and agree with all these terms if you want to use any service provided by this company.

It’s important to know that this list can change at any time without notifying you. Microsoft notify it when you acquire any of its products, thus it won’t be considered a reason to sue.

Main list of terms

Here you can see a complete and summarized of the primordial terms that you can find on Microsoft document. See all the list below:

  • You only can use Microsoft service for personal and non-commercial reasons.
  • You have to accept the Privacy and Protection of Personal Information Statement.
  • You will not be able to resell or install any of Microsoft services on devices where you are not the owner.
  • You will be responsible of your Microsoft username and the security of it in any circumstance or event that happen out of the system.

Those are the main terms that you have to agree to use any Microsoft service. You can find all the list directly on its website provided by Microsoft on its main page.

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