Microsoft Trademarks

Microsoft has many trademarks that it has created through all these years since this company was formed. We can find software, products, advertising, websites and many other type of things that offer this important enterprise.

Here you will find information about Microsoft Trademarks and about its page where you will can see any of them. This will guide you when you are interested in knowing more about this company or when you want to acquire some Microsoft product.

What can I find on Microsoft Trademarks site?

You fill find a complete list of Microsoft Trademarks sorted by initials of the product. You can also check all information of this site in any language that this enterprise provides. Thus, this will be a great tool for research reasons.

Remember that if a name or logo doesn’t appear on the Microsoft Trademarks list, it will not mean that this enterprise or its subsidiaries waive all intellectual property rights.

Microsoft also provides the Microsoft Trademarks & Brand Guideline, which you can access directly from the Trademarks site. You will find a direct link that will redirect you to Microsoft guidelines.

Who I can contact if I have a doubt about Microsoft Trademarks?

Microsoft recommends you to contact your account manager if you have any question about its Trademarks. Also you can contact to Microsoft business contact.

What else can I find on Microsoft Trademarks site?

This site is connected to Microsoft official site, so you can find any information about this enterprise and its products. You can also find information about legal resources on Microsoft Trademarks site.

If you want to get information about any Microsoft trademark, then you will do a search on this site to know more about it. It will very easy to solve any questions that you have with this type of business.

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