Netflix is a streaming service that offers a wide list of movies, series and documentaries to its customers.This is one of the most famous and used streaming services of the world, therefore it may be necessary to know more about this service.

Here you will find summary information about what is Netflix and what kind of services do it offers. Therefore, keep reading if you are interested in this theme or in acquire this famous streaming service.

What is Netflix?

Netflix is an online streaming service that offers movies, series and documentaries to ther clients. It is considered as the streaming service with more subscribers (reaching to more than 100 millions of subscribers).

Netflix started as a mail-order DVD rental service in 1997. Years later it would expand its service to online users with a new streaming service which would let people to watch any content on their devices. This would make that this company become in one of the most successful companies til nowadays.

How do I suscribe to Netflix?

To subscribe to Netflix, you have to go to its website and select or tap where it says “Suscribe to Netflix” or similar. When you clicked it, the site automatically load a new section where you can see all plans that Netflix offer to its costumers.

Netflix plans change their cost depending on the country where you are. Next you can see plans cost in the USA:

  • Basic: just offers 1 screen at once and video quaility it’s only available on SD. It cost is $9 per month.
  • Standard: this option offers 2 screens at once and a HD video quality. It cost is $13 per month.
  • Premium: this is the best plan that you can acquire from Netflix. It offers 4 screens at once and a HD + Ultra HD quality. It cost is $16.

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