Troubleshooting problems signing into Skype

Skype is a famous chat service offered by Microsoft. This application has many tools that we can use to perfectly communicate with people signed up in this service. Nowadays, Skype may be considered as the best telecommunication app available.

Here you will find complete information about solving the main problems that you can present using Skype. So if you can’t use this app for some reason, then we recommend you to keep reading this article to fix any problem.

Can’t log in to Skype

Most of log in problems that happen on Skype are caused for 4 reasons. You will need to check out these features or factors on your device:

  • Verify that you have installed the last version of Skype.
  • Check that your system meets at least the minimum requirements to use Skype.
  • Sometimes devices that don’t have the latest software updates may cause problems using Skype. If this is your case, then we recommend you to update any software of your system.
  • Verify that you have updated your hardware drivers. This usually causes problems with Skype.

I forgot my Skype password or user

This problem causes that you can’t log in to Skype. Microsoft offers you the best help to solve these issues easily and comfortably. You only need to follow the next instruction depending on the problem that you are presenting.

Forgot my Skype password

First of all, you need to go to the recovery account site clicking it on Skype main page or using the past link. When you are on this site, you only have to type correctly all the information that Microsoft system asked to you.

Forgot my Skype user

To solve this problem, you will need to go to Skype log in page. When you are on this site, just follow the next steps:

  • Click on More sign-in options.
  • Click on Forgot my username.
  • You will have to select between recovering your user by phone number or by alternative email associated with your Skype user.
  • You will have to type the code that Microsoft will send you to your phone number or email associated.
  • By last, you have to select your username associated with your phone number or email and log in with it.

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