Windows Help

Microsoft helps you with any problem that you present with your operating system. Remember that the support of this company has their own deadlines who end depending of the version of your OS.

But in any case that you need manual support, Microsoft offers you help and instructions to solve problems that you might have with your platform. In this article, you will see general information about what this company gives you to fix all types of problems that you might have.

What can I find on this site?

You will find any information about solve problems on Microsoft operating systems on this section called Windows help, for example, how to update or upgrade your OS, how to solve problems with your internet or storage, and how to recover any lost data.

Also, if your OS applies to this case, you can ask for help or contact a Microsoft Assistant who gives you support with your problem remotely. Additionally, you can contact  Microsoft Community to expose or post any questions and help other people with their problems.

This web has a friendly interface, and organizes all information to be understood by anyone. Microsoft always thinks about the satisfaction of his clients and on do anything to solve their problems.

Operating systems who have support by Microsoft

Microsoft gives support for Windows 7 or above versions. If you have Windows 7, you have to know that the support for this OS will end on January 14, 2020. In other Windows versions, Microsoft hasn’t given end dates for his support.

This company has support for Windows OS for personal computers and for mobiles who have this system installed. Therefore, you will have a guide or some instructions that can help you with all difficulties or problems that you may have.

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